John Watson Law Group LLC


This office has an experienced staff dedicated to the successful and effective handling of personal injury and wrongful death cases.  Our staff is fluent in English, Korean, Chinese and Spanish.  In addition, we have some working knowledge of Japanese, French and German.  If additional interpreters are needed, we can and will procure those services.

Personal injury cases require an organized approach of analyzing liability issues, gathering medical records, communicating with medical providers to be aware of the treatments being made and the prognosis, investigation and interviewing witnesses, determining the extent and seriousness of the injuries, and communicating effectively with insurance companies in the early stages of a case.  If litigation is necessary, our forty years of litigation experience will be put into play.

One of the most important aspects in handling personal injury cases is to keep the client informed about their case.  Our multi-lingual staff is well equipped and willing to be certain that this important part of the client-attorney relationship is properly maintained.

Workers' compensation cases require a special type of attention, as some of the issues are different than in a normal personal injury case.  Close analysis must be made of the factual circumstances surrounding the injury, because it is possible that other claims might also exist against third parties, thus offering additional compensation opportunities.

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